Roasted Chickpeas!


Hola chicos,

This one is so so tasty, and a wonderful crisp alternative or as an entrée if you have guests round.

That and it is super simple.

On a baking tray lay out your chickpeas (I used chickpeas I had soaked overnight but I imagine canned would have the same effect) add a tablespoon or two of olive oil, sprinkle with a bit of salt, you can even add some cayenne pepper for a stronger roasted flavour and put them on a high heat for around 30 minutes. For a sweeter snack you can roast with some agave and cinnamon.

They will start jumping around a bit like popcorn and once they look roasted take them out and enjoy. They are best enjoyed hot although can be stored somewhere dry and eaten as a snack the following day.

Easy ChickPeasy,




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