About GG

Welcome to Gina Glow.

If you try any recipes please leave me a comment to let me know how they went 🙂


Email: hello@ginaglow.com


2 thoughts on “About GG

  1. Will do. I’m now a Fish eating veggie, since Oct. 2012 but I’d like to become Vegan, but I get bored easily. Your recipes seem yummy so I will try them and when I do, let you know how they turn out.

  2. Hello! I’m pretty new to blogging – your comment has made my day! I completely understand getting bored easily but I find that variety is always there, most meat eaters I know eat the same things every week, similarly I know vegans that just eat veggie burgers, but a wide choice of dishes from different cultures is definitely available I recommend giving it a try, and please do! I look forward to seeing how it goes.
    Gina x x

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